Friday, 14 September 2007

Do you Fit Your Face

Ilona Niemi

Faces and places I am not so sure about the thinking behind the study in which I found this illustration - the blue one on the lower left, in a regional Scottish newspaper but it was the image that caught my eye. I think I was putting some newspaper on the floor after my washing machine had an embarrassing little accident (a leak) when I saw it. Anyway it reminded me of an artist friend who I met on the net through art process dot com.

Her name is Ilona Niemi and I think she is a very interesting artist ...... she has this longterm concern in her work with making numerous versions in oil paint on wood of the same face. I believe it is the face of a childhood friend of hers that went missing. See more about this on her blog where she has documented their progress.

She also makes some lovely idiosyncratic charcoal drawings which I think she sometimes cuts out and sort of forward mounts them over the picture surface so that they cast a shadow.

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