Wednesday 12 September 2007

Rosana Paulino an interesting artist friend (Brasil)

A chap wrote a comment about one of my artworks on my Flickr album. I had no idea what he was on about - so I Flickr-mailed him. Then he responded and I was just about to look up his original comment when I came across another one regarding a different artwork of mine.

The poster of this comment had mentioned that one of my pieces (House Angel) reminded her of Christian Boltanski.
And as I responded to this, talking and thinking about how my 'state of mind' had been, back then (this was around 1996-97) I happened to mention my good friend Rosana Paulino, who I met through London Print Studio.
She is a lovely person and makes beautiful heartfelt artwork using a whole range of materials and techniques. Rosana who is based in Sao Paulo speaks English and I just wish my Portuguese was as good as hers English, so that I could understand more of what the website says HOWEVER the artworks her artworks and images speak for themselves.
Click on the heading for a link to see more of Rosana Paulino's works.

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