Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Crab Girl drawing by Ben Senior

Originally uploaded by DRN_SWG.
I have chosen this drawing from those that are currently in the DRN's photoset which is housed on Flickr. I have just spent the evening converting the jpgs sent to me by Steve Garner who manages the DRN website. DRN stands for the Drawing Research Network.
I have not finished converting all of the dats he has sent to 'saved for web' yet but - I think I have got enough done for this evening. I was beginning to go a bit 'ga ga' !! . So I had to stop.

I had been aware of this little gallery as such on Flickr, for some time.. The thing was though that there was never anything ever happening over there and given the nature of Flickr i.e. 'interactive', I thought it was just a shame.

I will soon be starting up a new gallery for DRN on Flickr and hope to have it duly announced to the current membership of DRN when it is already.

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