Friday, 7 September 2007

In My Fathers Shoes

In My Fathers Shoes
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This is the image that "queens some moving" posted in a blog in the past two days reminded me of. Its a print I made a while back. 5 was thinking about what it must mean to find oneself in the shoes of Elizabeth Windsor. Obviously born into a royal family and raised accordingly. I suppose there 'monarchs' could resign' from the royal family if they wanted and just say to the world I dont want to be part of all this.

However with all the hassles of being 'public property' in the newspapers and tv etc - I suppose they would have to give up an enormous amount of privilidges too. I'd hate to be in her shoes. I think that at the age she is now she ought ot be allowed to retire and just do her own thing. She always seems terribly duty bound though - thats the impression I get though.

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