Saturday, 8 September 2007

Spike Eyed Beasties

Spike Eye Beasties
Originally uploaded by ainesse.
Well well well....I got a bit carried away yesterday because I wanted to look through some earlier documentation jpgs of my artwork on my computer and just kept digging out stuff to upload onto my Flickr album.
I am beginning to think that maybe that should be my main artwork website location because that is where I am mostly based. And of course the fact that there is a direct link between here ie this blog and my Flickr account has a lot to do with it as well.
I had gone into the database on my computer to try to dig out an image of a ceramic plate which I transferred a trace monotype onto.

Amanda Watson Will, recently emailed me asking me about Lazertran and its application to ceramics. I am going to do a separate post about that though and will show the stuff I have done with it, not that it is extensive or that I am any kind of expert - far from it.

Anyway I came across this....................the spike eyed beasties .................. and its an image I made for a French woman who was doing some kind of mail art project on the theme of beasts and animals. So this was my one.

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